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Need an experienced rental property management company that will treat your rental investment property as if it was their own.

Successful property investors know that an experienced and informed property management team will help them in maximising their return on their rental investment.

We are locally 100% owned and operated.

Managing your Property in Auckland is simple when you partner with Platinum Property Management Group. Our specialist team will look after your investment, so you can relax and feel confident that your property is in safe hands.

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Let us own your tussle!​​

Our team provides a stress-free service, right from the start by sourcing the right tenants, maintaining your property, collecting rent, looking into compliance and administering support to take care of the entire tenancy process.

Managing the property is not just about getting the rent on time, and it also involves regular maintenance and ensuring the property meets the legislative requirements. Compliance is already complicated and overlooking it can be incredibly expensive. When you recruit our property management team to take care of your investment, you can be rest assured that we would be taking the best care of your property. Our property management expert team conducts extensive screening to find the suitable tenants, hence providing hassle-free property management services.

Why choose Platinum Property Management Group?

Choosing us means you are selecting a team of experienced property managers to care for your property.​

Managing an investment property can sometimes be a difficult task when you are surrounded by new legislative requirements, tenancy obligations, tenants rights and responsibilities. A tenant may wake you up in the middle of the night with some urgent issue that might be bugging them. We can deal with all those issues and provide a complete peace of mind.

Experience The Best

Experience the best rental management service when you have a specialist caring for your property. Get a rental appraisal to ensure you are charging correct market rent for your property. You do not have to live in fear when your tenant gives a notice to vacate the property as we will find the next one as soon as possible.

Dealing with property management yourself can be tedious when getting quotes from a plumber or an electrician at short notice. We have trusted and responsible tradies who can get the job done at a short notice and at reasonable prices.

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FREE Healthy Homes Assessment

Platinum Property Management Group offers a free healthy home assessment for individuals who are looking for managing their property.

Let us ease your mind by offering you a free Healthy Homes assessment for your property – Sign up today with Platinum Property Management Group. We will get your property surveyed and present a comprehensive report to help you understand if your property meets the Healthy Homes Standards. It’s important to identify the parts of your home that fail to meet these standards as it could affect both the landlords and the tenants.

One of our property manager will visit your home to conduct a thorough inspection of all the areas that influences the wellbeing of your home and covers all the aspects of the Healthy Homes legislation. A detailed audit report will be produced with the information on what the landlords may need to do to meet the standards of the Healthy Homes regulations.

FREE Appraisals

Our rental valuation service could help you find out the market rent for your property. We analyse weekly rent for each suburb and region each month, so we know the maximum rent we can get for your property. We provide the most competitive figures that we can get for your property. Let us help you with a free rental appraisal.

Feel free to contact us for an estimate of rent for your property.

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Not happy with your current property manager? Making the switch to Platinum Property Management Group is quick & simple.

Platinum Property Management Group’s Property Managers are highly skilled, responsive and proactive. Your property manager significantly influences the success of your property. From managing the rental appraisal, rent arrears and screening of the tenants to find reputable and reliable tenants, we make the process very easy and thorough.

After you have authorised us, we’ll coordinate with your current Property Manager and arrange the relevant documentation for the transfer of the management of your property at no additional cost to you. We will do the change over on the date that suits all the parties involved including notifying the tenants.

You can relax knowing that your property is now in safe hands.


Got a Question for us?

Below are the frequently asked questions by landlords and tenants. We have tried our best to provide the best possible guidance.

It is usually written in your Tenancy agreement. Sometimes, the landlord may include this charge in their weekly rent. Usually, there is a fixed & variable charge for the water usage. Fixed charge is paid by the Landlord and variable charge is paid by the Tenant. Each month, the property management company will pass the variable charge to the tenant.

A periodic tenancy continues until either the tenant or the landlord gives written notice to end it. A fixed-term tenancy lasts for a set amount of time, the duration must be included on the tenancy agreement. It can be further renewed or extended if needed and agreed. A short fixed-term tenancy lasts for 90 days or less, terms and conditions may apply.

With a periodic occupancy, tenants must give 21 days of written notice to end the tenancy, while landlords must allow either 42 days’ or 90 days’ of written notice depending on the events. Both landlord and tenant cannot end a fixed-term tenancy earlier.

Tenancy term depends on various factors. We generally accept leases of either 6 or 12 months. The lease could be renewed at the end of this period, usually for a further 12 months.

We have a Zero Tolerance policy towards rent arrears. If the tenant gets behind in their payments, we alert them and follow up daily for up to 7 days. Usually the tenants inform us if there’s a genuine reason for the lapse and they promptly make the payment. If required and upon the request of the landlord we would issue both a Breach Notice and an Application for Order of the Tenancy Tribunal within one week if the tenant does not pay the rent after our follow up.

The Healthy Home Guarantee Act passed in 2017 details explicit guidelines for warming, ventilation, protection, dampness and leakage, and draft halting in invested properties. The healthy home standards include further requirements for:

  • insulation
  • ventilation
  • heating
  • draught stopping
  • moisture control.

Please find more information here – https://www.raisethestandard.nz

An experienced property manager can benefit the landlord in many ways. They are a valuable asset in managing your investment property. They can help you with renting and maintaining your property. Right from inspecting your property, to finding a right tenant, legislative work, and handing over the property to the tenant, every process is carried smoothly by a property manager.

As a landlord, if you are moving out of New Zealand for more than 21 days, you would need to appoint an agent who can take care of your property and other obligations if it occurs on your behalf. The agent should be aware of the property management guidelines. It is a good idea to also inform your tenant about your plans and provide them agent’s details for communication.

There are a few steps to follow if you are considering selling your tenanted property.

  • Selling a property can be stressful if you do not keep the communication open.
  • All the involved parties should have the appropriate information regarding the sale.
  • Tenants must be provided with written notice and discuss the situation personally.
  • Take consent from the tenant before entering the property to take pictures.