Property Management

Professional Rental Property Management in Auckland

Recently invested in a residential property in Auckland? Maybe you manage a rental property and are looking for a good return on your investment. Whether you have an apartment in City Center or a house in North Shore, Platinum Property Management Group is dedicated to helping you make the most of your rental property.

A successful property investment means buying a sound property that generates regular income. As Auckland’s local residential property management team, we will find suitable tenants, maintain lower vacancy and ensure timely communication with you.

When managed properly, your investment in rental property can generate a sustainable long-term return that would continue to grow over time. We offer a professional, yet personal approach in managing your Auckland rental property. Did you know that the expense of managing your property is tax-deductible!

Our property management services

We offer innovative solutions and provide suggestions for improvement to demand higher rent for your property. Regular maintenance can easily achieve higher rent as Tenants enjoy to live longer in a property that ticks all their boxes.

We deal with all your property related matters including regular inspection, prospective tenant credit check, and supervised maintenance. We help you in negotiating the terms of the tenancy.

Initial Contact

Request for property appraisal through our website

Our property manager will meet you and understand your needs and conduct rent appraisals at our cost after conducting a rent interview.

Initial appraisal

Agreement to proceed

We will set up a contract and give you access credentials, and finalize payment terms and schedules.

We handle background checks and everything that is connected with the tenancy. If in case you do not have a tenant currently we will ensure that the property is advertised on all major portals as soon as possible.

New Tenancy

Ongoing service

Ongoing management service in Auckland

Reporting, payment schedules, maintenance, rental reviews, etc., everything is managed by our rental managers.

Help you find the right tenant

Platinum Property Management Group’s Property managers will find suitable tenants who can pay the rent on time and maintain the rental property well.

We apply our knowledge and expertise and conduct a thorough Tenant screening process to pick the right tenants for your property.

We have experience in managing rental properties, keeping up with law changes and being compliant to the Healthy Homes Act, the Residential Tenancies Act and other relevant tenancy legislations. We buckle down for your sake to ensure the property maintenance is performed to highest possible standards.

In an event of vacancy, we ensure that the property is advertised on all major portals as soon as possible.

Marketing your property

Increase the chances of finding great and reliable tenants by advertising available rental property to the right audience.

Popular platforms like TradeMe are great options for advertising vacant rental properties. However with hundreds of listings added every hour, there are high chances of your listing getting unnoticed and leads to reduction in tenant enquiries, and resulting in possibly missing out on finding good tenants.

Platinum Property Management Group’s property management team uses various marketing tools and a range of media to bring your rental property in front of many potential tenants. In addition to advertising on popular platforms like TradeMe and, we add your available rental properties to our tenant database and various relevant platforms where tenants are actively searching for properties to rent. Often we have prospective tenants on our waiting list.

Where needed, we distribute flyers, use signs, create social media campaigns and online strategies to draw more attention to your available rental property, which would generate more tenant enquiry and increase your chances of finding great and reliable tenants for your rental property.

Rent Appraisal at our cost

Requesting a rental appraisal from our property management is free of obligation or cost.

Screening tenant

Our experienced property managers would find the most suitable tenants for your rental property.

Tenancy Agreements

Our property managers provide guidance to choose appropriate tenancy type and help as needed.

Rent Collection

Our rent collection process is thorough and transparent, making sure it is collected on time.


We send the statements and grant access to real time information and reports about the property.

Property Inspections

Performing regular property inspection to ensure your rental property remains in good condition.

Repairs and Maintenance

Provide guidance, so landlords could maintain their rental properties in a reasonable state of repair.


Our team has thorough knowledge of the tenancy legislative requirements and compliance.

Tenancy Tribunal

Platinum Property Management Group's property managers are experienced in managing such critical situations.

Rent Appraisal at our cost

A rental appraisal by Platinum Property Management Group experienced property managers provides the landlord with a free market appraisal and a detailed report to learn the earning potential of their investment property. Many landlords are not aware of the current market trends, rental property demands and the rent amount, so their investment could be underperforming. Our comprehensive appraisals are updated with the latest market information and details of the comparable properties which help the landlords to determine the rent amount for their property. Requesting a rental appraisal from Platinum Property Management Group is free of obligation or cost. We encourage you to reach out to our property managers and discover the possibilities available on your investment property.

Screening tenant

Currently there is a huge demand for good rental properties in Auckland. You may end up getting hundreds of people applying for your rental property. Now finding suitable tenants from these applications is a huge task. Our property managers carefully go through each application and check whether they meet your criteria and shortlist them. We run credit and employment checks and call them for a quick interview.

We speak to their referees and finalise the tenant for your property. A quick call to you of who we think will be suitable for your property and then we finalise the paperwork for you.

It is our responsibility to get your rental property occupied by the right people, especially if you’re overseas.

Here’s how we find the most suitable tenants for your rental property.

  • The tenants fill a pre-tenancy application form
  • We interview them and understand their needs
  • Confirm their payment and tenancy history by contacting their current and/or previous landlord/agent.
  • We contact their personal references unless you’d like to contact them
  • We do the employment and credit check, tenant verification on the national database if needed


Tenancy Agreements

After selecting a suitable tenant for the rental property, an appropriate tenancy agreement will be signed between the landlords and tenants. It’s essential that the property owner knows the different tenancies available and selects one that meets their investment needs.

Types of Tenancies

  • A periodic tenancy continues until either the tenant or the landlord gives written notice to end it.
  • A fixed-term tenancy lasts for a set amount of time, the duration must be included on the tenancy agreement. It can be further renewed or extended if needed and agreed.
  • A short fixed-term tenancy lasts for 90 days or less, terms and conditions may apply.

Renewing the fixed term tenancy

If both parties agree, they can renew or extend the fixed-term tenancy for another fixed term, the new term must be included in the agreement.

Ending the tenancy

Periodic tenancy could be ended by either party giving a written notice. The notice periods differ for each party. Fixed term tenancy cannot be ended early by either parties.

Selecting the type of tenancies depends on the situation of both parties, location or time of the year. Platinum Property Management Group’s property managers provide guidance to choose appropriate tenancy type and help you make an informed decision.

Rent Collection

Our rent collection process is thorough and transparent. One of the most important components of residential property management is ensuring that the rent is paid on time in accordance with the tenancy agreement. We require our tenants to set up automatic bank transfer payments to our bank account. These written records and statements are sent to you periodically. The rental income we collect from the tenants is deposited fortnightly / monthly into the landlord’s nominated bank account.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy towards rent arrears. If the tenant gets behind in their payments we alert them and follow up daily for up to 7 days. Usually the tenants inform us if there’s a genuine reason for the lapse and they promptly make the payment. If required and upon the request of the landlord we would issue both a Breach Notice and an Application for Order of the Tenancy Tribunal within one week if the tenant does not pay the rent after the follow up.

We request 4 weeks rent as a bond from the tenants – this is the maximum we can request under the Residential Tenancy Act. This helps in minimising any shortfall.


The rental income we collected from the tenants is transferred into the landlord’s bank account either fortnightly or monthly as agreed. Based on the arrangements made with the landlords or the residential property owners we take care of the expenses related to the property like local body fees, body corporate fees, insurance, water rates maintenance and repair expenses. An itemised statement along with the copy of the invoices is sent to the property owners and/or their accountants each month and at the end of each financial year.

In addition to sending the invoices and statements to the landlords, our property managers could grant access to real time information and reports about the property.

Property Inspections

Platinum Property Management Group’s property managers understand that performing regular property inspections are extremely important to ensure your rental property remains in good condition. Some insurance companies require inspections to be done regularly at the rental property.

Platinum Property Management Group’s property managers organise the inspections to ensure the property is maintained to your highest possible standard. We will also check for any damages or items that may require maintenance or urgent repairs and that your tenants are taking good care of your rental property and keeping things reasonably clean. Inspections also help in maintaining a good relationship between landlord and tenant.

Post inspections we provide you with a comprehensive report and if needed arrange a meeting to discuss any issues or concerns in regards to the property maintenance.

Repairs and Maintenance

Both landlords and tenants have the responsibility of keeping the rental property in a good condition.

Our property managers can provide guidance to the landlords, so they follow all the tenancy related legislations, provide and maintain their rental properties in a reasonable state of repair depending on the age and characteristic of the property. The property owners must follow the health and safety requirements, keep the locks and fastenings in working order, electrical wiring, plumbing and structure of the rental property safe.

If any damages are spotted in the rental property, it will be addressed immediately along with identifying who’s responsible for the repairs. Platinum Property Management Group’s property management has experience and resources to handle property repairs and maintenance promptly which means the landlords don’t have to take time off to oversee repairs. Our property managers ensure any works carried out at your rental property are performed by professional, qualified and trusted tradespeople who carry the appropriate insurances.

We maintain the documents of all the maintenance, damages and repairs work carried out, which can be useful for insurance or Tenancy Tribunal hearing.


The tenancy legislation requirements and guidelines are constantly changing on how the residential properties should be maintained and managed. In the present time, managing a tenancy is heavily compliance based. Whether it’s a private landlord or the property manager, it’s important that everyone involved in renting a property should stay updated with tenancy and property maintenance guidelines.

If a landlord or property owner chooses to self-manage their property, it becomes extremely important that they are fully aware and understand the requirements around the healthy home standards, tenancy legislations and the risks related with non-compliance. If one or more aspects of the property are found non-compliant, then it can lead to higher penalties for the property owners.

Platinum Property Management Group’s property managers have thorough knowledge of the tenancy legislative requirements and compliance. We try to make the compliance process as easy as possible for the landlords. We would be happy to share real events, highlight any issues that occurred and how we have helped the landlords in the past. We would be sending you a comprehensive report that determines your level of compliance along with the Landlord Information Guide, so you could be well informed on what’s involved to prevent the risk of future penalties.

At any stage you can seek further details from your Platinum Property Management Group’s property manager.

Tenancy Tribunal

A Tenancy Tribunal hearing is not always necessary, as tenancy disputes can be resolved between the landlord and their tenant. When the disagreements get serious, sometimes it could end up in the Tenancy Tribunal.

Platinum Property Management Group’s property managers have extensive knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and are experienced in managing such situations. Our property managers also receive regular training sessions from industry professionals which prepare them to reliably represent the landlords before the Tenancy Tribunal.