Thinking about increasing rent?

Market rent is a benchmark of how much landlord can reasonably gain from an investment property. This keeps the rental market steady as the rent costs depend on the normal salary for comparative properties in that suburb.

There are a few different ways you can expand your rental return – from minor property maintenance to small enhancements and extensive scope redesigns. 

Here are some savvy tips to help get better returns on your investment property.

General Support

The upkeep and on-going support of your investment is the way to gaining and holding great tenants and can likewise help accomplish expanded rental returns.

Financial Matters

With regards to property investment, it is suggested you survey your accounts occasionally. Renegotiating at a lower home loan rate could help accomplish a better yield. You may likewise need to contact your accountant to see whether you have set up everything correctly.

 Interior Upgrades

  • Kitchen – Upgrade, covering or painting high utilization regions, for example, pantry entryways, door handles, tap fittings and bench-tops can be a fast and economical approach to renew the general appearance
  • Washroom – Include restroom fans or warming lights to limit the development of form, upgrade any chipped tiles and missing grouting. Repaint painted territories, if essential, utilizing a mould safe paint
  • Upgrade or clean blinds and window curtains
  • Paint the walls where required
  • Include a dishwasher

 Exterior Upgrades

  • Include a garage, a parking spot or shade-sail spread territory
  • New front entry – another front door can be a cheap method to make a decent early introduction.
  • Upgrade your door handles
  • New post box or separate letterboxes for each dwelling
  • Include security or sensor lights
  • Include security screens at entry, and windows
  • Give a clothesline, either hard standing or retractable
  • Include storage space

Make it family friendly

Families hoping to lease by and large have more clear needs than single individuals flatting together, for example, a bath vs shower, and fenced zones for kids to play. 

Make the property pet-friendly 

To draw in pet-owners, you could include fencing or ensure your present fencing is pet-friendly. You could likewise add a feline or canine entryway by installing a pet door.

Redesign your existing layout

At some point when you’re redesigning, it’s essential to ensure you don’t over-capitalise. Here are a few proposals to consider:

  • Paint the exteriors of the house
  • Give new covers or deck a fresh coat of paint
  • Revamp the kitchen and washroom
  • Make an additional restroom/room
  • Include an outdoor entrance area or give additional capacity

Even if the property managers help the landlords with the above tips to increase the rental returns, they will still have to meet a few obligations like: 

  • Rent cannot be increased within the initial 180 days of the beginning of occupancy.
  • Landlords can increase rent every 180 days.

The best process for increasing rent:

We have a few tips on the best process at increasing your returns.

Firstly, check the rent for comparable houses in your suburb. 

Next, it is a smart thought to keep your investment property up to the norm. It is a decent way to create a positive relationship with your tenants. By improving your tenants’ living space, it is obvious to acknowledge a rent increment since they can see the changes.

Lastly, increment rent in little augmentations.

If the landlords don’t stay aware of market rates, they may need to build the cost drastically. 

Regardless of how you choose to increase rent, open correspondence with your tenants is the key! Ensure you explain to them precisely when and why rent costs are going up. 

To find out more on how to increase rental returns, feel free to contact us.